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Dental Implants

dental implants

Today dental implants are an advanced form of cosmetic dentistry. Implants are a permanent tooth replacement and are a popular choice for patients that do not want removable partial plates or dentures. A strong titanium post is inserted into the lower or upper jawbone to provide a permanent root support. The jawbone tissue then attaches to the sterilized titanium post and grows naturally creating a permanent bond and root structure. Dental implants are sculptured and shaped to resemble a natural tooth. Implants can be used effectively to replace single or multiple teeth or to provide structural support for a traditional dental bridge.

Dental implants preserve the jawbone structure, which prevents gum shrinkage or retraction. Unlike dentures, this permanent structure functions just like a natural tooth while chewing food and keeps the original contour of your face. There is no shifting or tooth slippage inside of the mouth due to gum retraction or age. Patients that are suffering from denture pain or damaged mouth tissues due to refitting dentures should consider a dental implant procedure.

Dental Implant Advantages
• Permanent Installation
• Creates New Root
• Stabilizes Chewing
• No Cavities
• Single or Multiple Teeth
• Preserves Jaw Structure

Dental implants need the same traditional dental care as your natural teeth. Implants need routine cleanings to remove bacterial growth or plaque that can lead to discoloration and potential gum disease. One of the major benefits of implants is that due to the artificial structure of the tooth, they are impenetrable to cavities. Dr. Azizi acknowledges that perfect candidates for dental implants are those that have a healthy gum line and a supportive jawbone structure that is not infected by gum disease.

Every person should have the right to have a perfect and fantastic smile. After initial consultation, it can be determined if dental implants are the right choice for you. Through knowledge, experience and education we will provide accurate answers to questions and help to resolve any misinformation previously gained about advantages and disadvantages of dental implant procedures. With the use of modern cosmetic dentistry, we can perform astonishing smile makeovers.

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