Cosmetic Dentistry

Advancements in cosmetic dentistry have expanded options for transforming and restoring irregular and discolored teeth. With the use of the latest equipment and techniques, Dr. Nancy Azizi can transform the current state of your teeth into a more attractive and attention-getting smile. The elimination of traditional cosmetic procedures has made way for more precise treatments that have become popular with anyone wishing to upgrade to a new smile.

Modern tooth restoration can restore irregular or damaged teeth back to a normal looking appearance. A common treatment is to close gaps between teeth and straighten teeth that are crooked or misaligned.  A patient that has broken, cracked or chipped teeth can benefit from our cosmetic dentistry procedures to repair these imperfections affecting his or her smile. While utilizing modern technologies, Dr. Azizi uses years of experience and training to reestablish and create new smiles that exceed patient expectations.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures
• Teeth Whitening
• Porcelain Veneers
• Dental Implants
• Dental Bonding
• Invisible Braces

Dr. Azizi designs impressive smiles with precision and accuracy. Each patient is different and requires special attention to correct the teeth and gum irregularities. New procedures combined with scientific artistry can reconstruct broken, missing, or discolored teeth into whiter and more perfectly aligned smiles. The use of computer automation gives us the ability to design new smiles before the procedure is completed.

Dr. Nancy Azizi provides accurate and knowledgeable consultations with patients about modern cosmetic dentistry procedures and diagnoses the cause of the tooth irregularity or gum damage. The cosmetic treatments that are a perfect resolution to the problem can be scheduled and completed in our relaxing dental-spa office.  Dr. Azizi has earned a reputation for creating fabulous smiles and improving the self-confidence and oral attractiveness of thousands of patients.